Greetings from Karin and Rondellhund Rolle with friends
Greetings from Anna , Gotland
Greetings from Anna and Rondellhund Barbara.  Stockholm
Greetings from Malma Kvarn och Rondellhund Delila
Greetings from Kerstin. Stockholm Sweden
Greetings from Sara and Rondellhund Ferera. Stokholm Sweden
Greetings from Pia and Rondellhund  Appletini and Plum Nehi . Munich Germany


Greetings from Jenny Hamphire UK , Pimms a Clock with two Rondellhund
Greetings from the Rondellhund factory in Olathe, KS

Here we have Rondellhund Dottie, Abby, and Rondellhund Spring.
Greetings from John and the Philz Coffee crew, Palo Alto CA Feb-2014
Greetings from the newest Rondellhund Fabriken fans! The Philz Coffee crew. 
Palo Alto, California
Greetings from Rondellhund Ahonu Sunnyvale CA Jan - 2014
Greetings from ahonu, Sunnyvale California
Seasons Greetings from Megan, Fleet England. Dec -2013
Greetings from Anne in Oregon, traveling with her Rondellhund to Nebraska! July 2013





Summer greetings from Eva & Anna, Hässelby Sweden

July 2013

Summer greetings from Eva & Anna, Hässelby Sweden.


Greetings from Jenny, Steve and Rondellhund Chappie and The Captain,

Enjoying the heat wave in Hampshire, UK !!  July -2013


Greetings from Chappie and The Captain, Enjoying the heat wave in Hampshire, UK !!



Greeetings from Louise and Rondellhund Tracy






Greetings from Fam. Brunzell





Greetings from Ann and Anders, Emil and Rondellhund Little Emil

Bromma, Sweden September 2012





Greetings from Linda, Ed and Rondellhund Connie

West Coast, USA Aug 2012



Greetings from Karen and Rondellhund Tombola

 Haninge , Stockholm June 2012




Greetings from Sonja and Moa

with her new Rondellhund friends. Sweden June2012


Greetings from Steve and Rondellhund Flight

Church Crookham, UK June 2012


Melbourne, May 2012




Huddinge, May 2012


Greetings from Monica and Ken

Seal Beach , CA



April 2012


Finspång, Sweden

From Loke, Bettan, Affe and Rondellhund Sixten September 2011


Stockholm, Sweden

Deliveries from Rondellhund Factory Aug 2011












Falkenberg, Sweden

From Family Åblad and Rondellhund Åblado June 2011





Munich, Germany

From Pia, Chris and Rondellhund Svensson June 2011










Odiham, England

From Amy, Sam and Rondellhund Bongo

November 2010


Haninge , Sweden

From Marie and Rondellhund Björnann October , 2010





Norrtälje , Sweden

From Hogan and Rondellhund Karo October, 2010


Södertälje , Sweden

From Anki,Stefan,Emmy and Rondellhund Laban and Labolina

September, 2010


Huddinge , Sweden

From Ulf och Rondellhund Don and Donna September, 2010



Hässelby, Sweden

From Eva och Rondellhund Karo September, 2010


Vidja Stockholm, Sweden

From Ken och Rondellhast September, 2010



Balaklava, South Australia

From Marie and Bryan 

Cheech with Rondellhund Ralph. August , 2010


Viksjö, Stockholm

From Nina and rondllhunden Ronda. August , 2010


Dalby-Sandby, Lund

From Åsa och Pia August , 2010


Kista, Stockholm

Rondellhunden Raffe July , 2010



Colorado, USA

From Dave May 29, 2010



Warwick, England

From Jeanenne Jan 6th 2010


Marine Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA

Cedar October 2009


Elisabeth och Roland Lindh, Mariestad

HUGO October 2009


Falköpingsrondellen, Falbygdens Ost

TIPPY, The Curios Dog

(Greetings from Jonna) August 2009


Toronto, Canada

Wellington the City Dog

(Greetings from Bjorn) June 2009


 Märsta, Stockholm

    Brea and her friend Nemo, (Greetings from Kerstin 2008)




Papua New Gunea

Score, The attention seeker   (Greetings from Gunnar)




October 2008 Las Vegas, USA  











San Francisco


Fleet, England

Bonzo, The Watch Dog Greetings from Mark and his son Sam




Greetings  from Venkat and Rondellhund Rosella and ShivaShiva

Shrewsbury, MA





Greetings from Åsa, Rashid and Rondellhund Rex





Greetings  from Susanne

and Rondellhund Rolle and Rulta


Greetings from Susanne Lönnqvist Örebro, Rondellhund Rolle with new friend Rondellhund Rulta.



Greetings  from Hässelby

Anna with her Rondellhund friends




Greetings from Bosses Bistro.  Järfälla, Sweden





Greetings from  Olliwer and Rondellhund Sigge




Greetings from Strängnäs

Ella together with her new Rondellhund  mates Kurt and Irma





Greetings from Rondellhund Fia and Vippe,  Vällingby, Sweden




Greetings from Siv. Bromma Sweden

Greetings from Anne in snowy Portland OR.  Feb-2014




Greetings from Rondellhund Bouledog

and Martin E, Pineapple Boule and Country Club Dec - 2014


God Jul från Martin Engel and Pineapple Boule & Countryclub


Dagens värv





Greetings from Rondellhund Rondo and  Ronda, Viksjö, Sweden , August 2013  

Latest rounabout dog "Rondo" together with first dog Ronda in Viksjö!!
Greetings from Libby and Rondellhund Sir Schnaps. New England
Greetings from Libby and Rondellhund Sir Schnaps. New England
Greetings from Susanne Terror and Rondellhund Rolle Sånnaboda July 2013 
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Greetings from Ingmarie and Rondellhund Lill Björn
Bro , Sweden Juni 2014 
Greetings from Ingmarie and Rondellhund Lill Björn , Bro Sweden
Greetings from Rolf and Kerstin and Rondellhund Beda II
Sweden May 2013
Beda II har flyttat hem till Rolf o Kerstin o stöder Min Stora Dag
Greetings from Viksjö, Sweden April 2013
Greetings from Bouledog, Viksjö, Sweden
Greetings from Marie and Rondellhund Gabriela
Puerto De Mogan April 2013




Greetings from Maries Bodega and Rondellhund Björnann

March 2013

Björnann längtar efter våren...







Greetings from Willem and Roundabout Rhino Alpha,  

Pretoria , South Africa Aug 2012!/pages/Roundabout-Rhinos/388940174498229


Greetings from Animali family

and the children shepherd Rondellhund Billa, Molden UK





Greetings from Mark and Bjorn Deploying Rondellhund

Haninge , Stockholm June 2012

Cape Town, April 2012


March 2012


LA, March 2012


CA, December 2011


Munich, Germany

From Sandra,Gaby and  Rondellhund Scrappy November 2011



Huddinge, Sweden

From Ulf and Rondellhund Tillskott, October 2011


Kruger National Park, South Africa

From Rondellhund Pia and Marinda DeKlerk  , September 2011



Stockholm, Sweden

From Rondellhund Couch Surfer, Aug 2011


Stockholm, Sweden

From Melanie and Rondellhund Rosen july 2011





Midsommar, Örebro, Sweden

From Åsa, Elias, Rashid and Rondellhund Karsson June 2011




Bracknell, UK

From Paul and Rondellhund Rondo June 2011



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Lochmaben, Scotland

From  Carole, Cameron, Alasdair, Kate and Rondellhund Angel with best friend Jack , December 2010



Church Crookham, England

From Wales Family and Rondellhund Old Nick, Halloween, 2010



Märsta, Sweden

From Kerstin , Nemo with Rondellhund friends september, 2010


Birmingham, England

From Mary,Keith and rondellhund Harold September,2010



From Harvey and rondellhund George  September,2010



Karlsruhe, Germany

From Max and Armin August , 2010


Vidja, Stockholm

From Ken and Pelarhunden. August , 2010


Huddinge, Stockholm

Rondellhunden, Göran July , 2010



Key West, USA

Rondellhunden Hemingway May , 2010



Tomtebogatan, Stockholm

Rolle September 2009



Olga September 2009



Almö-Lindö, Västerås

Bruno, The Truffel Finder Dog

(Greetings from Gunnar) August 2009



Hässelby, Stockholm

Stripe, The Balroom Dog

(Greetings from Elias) July 2009



San Jose, CA

Bobby, Santas little helper. (Greetings from Enocson Family)



La Quinta, USA  

Eastwood, The desert dog

(Greetings from Bjorn) ........yes It's me the dog builder donating a dog to the city of La Quinta.


Munich, Germany

From Pia, Amouche Bouche the Moose and Bob the Rondellhund

April 30, 2010



Sunbury, Victoria , Australia

First ever original rondellhund made in Australia

November 2009






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